Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sell From Your Strengths

According to Valerie Atkin of Wells Street Consulting, selling's bad rap is reflected in such cliches as "being sold down the river" or "selling out." Actually, effective selling for coaches invites collaborating to inspire a vision, stay the course, accomplish goals, and significantly improve lives. So don't sell yourself short.

Current-day technology celebrates the subtle strength of so-called "passive" marketing—writing articles or books that attract clients, and especially in these days of Social Media Marketing ("SMM" for the initiated), having a web site and/or blog that connects us through the Internet with people we might otherwise never have reached.

You can see on my home page quick answers to these key questions in a potential client's mind: (1) "What is it?" (2) "Why do I want it?" (3) "Where do I get it?"

Most recently, following Corey Perlman's suggestions in eBoot Camp has boosted my web traffic considerably (more than a thousand hits a day). And, as Corey suggests, I use for my blogs. It's a free Google service—so why not let Google do my marketing for me?

Once you have your initial, clean, clear message that sets you out among coaches, think about other ways potential clients can get to know you. Browsers will go where key words draw them. I’m not suggesting you need a 75-page web site and six blogs, as I have, but several coaches have hired me, for example, after finding a poem in my Poetry and Personality pages.

Where to start? Find your personal vision, one that answers two key questions posed by Stanford's Michael Ray: "Who is my Self?" and "What is my Work?" "When we talk about 'Self,"' said Ray, "we're talking about your higher self... your highest future potential. And by asking 'What is my work?' we're asking what is the purpose of your existence or what are you meant to be?"

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